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Printing Services

Patrons can print from anywhere in the library, or send their documents from home! Patrons have access to a letter and pamphlet-folding machine at no charge.

Printing Prices

At this time, the Catskill Public Library and Palenville Branch Library do not accept credit or debit payments. Cash or checks, payable to the Catskill Public Library, are accepted at both locations.

Black & White Prints: $0.10 per side

Color Prints: $0.25 per side

Printing inside the Library

Patrons can print from any of the library computers. 

  1. Log onto a computer using your library card number and your library pin number, or ask for a temporary guest pass at the circulation desk!
  2. Select ‘print’ on the document you want to print.
  3. Confirm print preview settings.
  4. Select ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when printing and price window pops up, to confirm # of pages and costs.
  5. Tell library staff you are printing on one of the library computers for confirmation.
  6. Collect your documents!

Printing Wirelessly

Patrons can also print from their personal devices.

  1. Log onto Catskill Guest Wifi (password w!sp1901)
  2. Select ‘print’ on document you want to print.
  3. Make sure in print preview that printer ‘Destination’ is selected as: ‘HP OfficeJet Pro’
  4. Collect your documents!

Printing from Home

Patrons can email the library documents to print at Patrons can request a print prior to arrival at the Library.

We ask that patrons call at least one day ahead if they have large print requests. The Catskill Public Library does not provide special paper to patrons.

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