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2024 Proposed Budget

The Catskill Public Library, with its Main Branch at 1 Franklin St. and Palenville Branch at 3303 Route 23A, has a proposed budget of $1,056,481 for the calendar year 2024.

The tax levy portion of the budget is $961,233.

This spending plan enables your libraries to continue to invest in physical and electronic resources while forecasting expected increases in energy costs, personnel, and building maintenance over the coming year.

Our focus is unwavering ~ be it in person, or digitally, our goal is to meet our community’s needs by providing services, programming, and materials to you, our Patron.

Please join us on May 3rd at 6 PM, in the Catskill Senior High School Library, for our budget presentation to the taxpayers. Voting is to be held on May 16th, in the Catskill High School Gymnasium, between 1 pm and 9 pm. For directions to the Catskill Public High School click here.

If you’d like more information, please contact Caroline Ford, Library Director via email:

Thank you in advance for your continuing support.

IncomeFranklin StreetPalenvilleTotal
CCSD Tax Levy691,707.00269,516.00961,223.00
Donations & Grants7,100.003812.0010,912.00
County & State Support5,261.002,135.007396.00
Fines/Fees, Copy/Print/Fax6,876.002,725.009,601.00
Interest Income1,010.000.001,010.00
Total Income771,954.00266,143.001,017,604.00
ExpensesFranklin StreetPalenvilleTotal
Personnel – Wages430,942.54138,379.84569,322.38
Personnel – Pension38,000.006,000.0044,000.00
Personnel – Taxes & Benefits84,551.4623,873.16108,424.62
Library Materials72,856.0038,546.00111,402.00
Patron Services46,495.0026,707.0073,202.00
Library Administration38,216.006,617.0044,833.00
Building, Utilities & Rent60,893.0044,404.00105,297.00
Total Expenses771,854.00284,527.001,056,481.00

Net Income/Expense0.000.000.00
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